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  • Contact | Kim PartridgeKimberley Partridge celebrantKim Partridge kimberley partridge celebrant

    Let's Chat... Whether you have just got engaged or need a little confidence boost, start with a simple email or text and I will get back to you straight away. We can arrange a relaxed phone call, get to know each other and chat about how I can support you. Really looking forward to meeting you! Kimberley x Let's Chat Phone 07376 337 368 Email Social Media First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting!

  • Kimberley Partridge Celebrantkimberley partridge celebrant

    Funerals & Memorials STARTING FROM £275 As your funeral celebrant l write and lead your service with compassion and expertise. I will lias closely with your Funeral Director and provide them with information for the service sheet and bespoke ceremony that I will officiate on the day. I will take the time to understand and honour the life of the loved one you are celebrating and create a personalised service that tells their precious and unique story. ​ ​ What happens next? Together we will arrange a convenient time and place to meet and talk about your ceremony wishes. Don't worry, I will support and guide you though the whole process from our initial phone call to the day of the funeral service. If requested, I can help suggest poems, readings and music. I will write or can assist with the eulogy. You will also receive a beautifully presented commemorative copy of the entire service that I can either give to you on the day or send you through the post after the ceremony. MEMORIALS Memorial Ceremonies are gatherings to honour and remember the life of someone who has passed away. Unlike funerals, there's no physical body present. The ceremony can be formal or informal, religious or secular, depending on the wishes of the family and the deceased. ASHES TO ASHES An interment of ashes service is a ceremony held after a cremation to lay a loved one's ashes to rest in a permanent location. This location can be a cemetery plot, a columbarium niche (a wall with compartments for urns), or even a designated scattering garden. The service itself is a chance for family and friends to gather, share memories of the deceased, and say their final goodbyes.

  • Plans & Pricing | Kim Partridgekimberley partridge celebrant

    Choose Your Pricing Plan Partridge Productions Solo Package £ 1,750 1,750£ ​"Bringing your theatrical vision to life with Partridge Productions" Select Best Value Star Drop Package £ 2,600 2,600£ "Let your creativity soar with our star studded production programs" Select Spotlight Package £ 5,500 5,500£ "Shine Brighter with Spotlight: Your Ultimate Production Support Package" Select Drama - Become Your Best! SPECIAL PRICE £ 151 151£ WHEN YOU BOOK THIS 6 WEEK COURSE WITH A SINGLE PAYMENT YOU'LL RECEIVE A SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT Valid for 3 months Select Drama - Become Your Best! Basic Drama for Children SPECIAL PRICE £ 151 151£ WHEN YOU BOOK THIS 6 WEEK COURSE WITH A SINGLE PAYMENT YOU'LL RECEIVE A SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT Valid for 3 months Select Drama Techniques for Children A Level Drama Sessions SPECIAL PRICE £ 151 151£ WHEN YOU BOOK THIS 6 WEEK COURSE WITH A SINGLE PAYMENT YOU'LL RECEIVE A SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT Valid for 3 months Select A Level Drama GCSE Drama Sessions SPECIAL PRICE £ 151 151£ WHEN YOU BOOK THIS 6 WEEK COURSE WITH A SINGLE PAYMENT YOU'LL RECEIVE A SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT Valid for 3 months Select GCSE Drama Audition Preparation £ 151 151£ BLOCK BOOKING DISCOUNT PRICE Valid for 6 weeks Select CONFIDENCE COACHING £ 297 297£ BLOCK BOOKING DISCOUNT PRICE Valid for 3 months Select ONE-TO-ONE COACHING £ 234 234£ 4 WEEK BLOCK BOOKING DISCOUNT PRICE Valid for 3 months Select Confidence Coaching SPECIAL PRICE £ 151 151£ WHEN YOU BOOK THIS 6 WEEK COURSE WITH A SINGLE PAYMENT YOU'LL RECEIVE A SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT Valid for 3 months Select Confidence Coaching Audition Preparation SPECIAL PRICE £ 151 151£ WHEN YOU BOOK THIS 6 WEEK COURSE WITH A SINGLE PAYMENT YOU'LL RECEIVE A SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT Valid for 3 months Select Audition Preparation One-to-One Coaching SPECIAL PRICE £ 648 648£ BOOK A BLOCK OF 6 SESSIONS WITH A SINGLE PAYMENT AND RECEIVE THIS 10% OFF DISCOUNT Valid for 3 months Select One-to-One Coaching MUSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOP £ 850 850£ FULL DAY/6 HOUR WORKSHOP Valid for 3 months Select CORPORATE LEADERSHIP £ 1,200 1,200£ A SPECIAL DISCOUNTED 3 HOUR DEVISED LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP - ENDS 31st DECEMBER 2023 Valid for 6 months Select

  • Weddings | Kimberley Partridge

    YOUR WEDDING, YOUR CEREMONY, YOUR DAY If you are looking for ways to create and experience your perfect wedding day, then I can definitely help! Together, we will build a relationship based on trust, fun and commitment. I will ask you to share with me your thoughts and ideas so that I can help you turn your dreams into a solid vision for the perfect wedding ceremony. ​ I have now found a vocation where all my previous experience and skills can be used as a Wedding Celebrant and I am totally in love with this job! I adore meeting and getting to know new people. I thrive under pressure and will seamlessly take the stress away and get things done. ​ With a lifetime of experience in performance, writing, public speaking, and organising events, I will confidently and calmly create a magical ceremony that you will be relaxed enough to enjoy. I am passionate about what I do and love to create completely bespoke ceremonies that reflect your vision and unique story. So, let's get this show on the road! WEDDINGS STARTING FROM £650 UNIQUE CEREMONIES FOR UNIQUE COUPLES I will create and deliver a bespoke wedding ceremony that reflects the personalities, values, and beliefs of my gorgeous couple. As an alternative to traditional wedding ceremonies, which are usually based on religious or state-affiliated templates, a wedding celebrant will work closely with you to craft a personalised ceremony. I take great care in ensuring that the ceremony is authentic, heartfelt, and memorable, resulting in a true reflection of your unique love story. FLEXABILITY & FREEDDOM Celebrant led ceremonies offer greater flexibility in every way. From writing personalised vows to choosing your venue, the world is quite literally your oyster. And don't worry, as a seasoned sailor I will travel anywhere to marry you! When you choose a celebrant led ceremony you choose freedom. There are no rules or restrictions, only the knowledge that you are liberated to spend your wedding day, say your vows and stand hand-in-hand anywhere and how you like. Dream it, visualise it and we will do it. THE PROCESS GET IN TOUCH - either by email or text and I will get straight back to you and arrange your free Discovery Call. ​ DISCOVERY CALL - we will get to know each other, ideally on a zoom call, and chat through your vision, hopes and dreams for your big day. ​ SAVE THE DATE - time to put your Wedding Day Date in the diary! You will then receive a Wedding Pack with information on building your perfect ceremony which we will discuss at the Creation Meeting. ​ CREATION MEETING - the big face-to-face or zoom meeting (totally up to you and depending where you are in the world) where we talk about everything from your unique love story, themes, music, readings, colours, rehearsals and mini-ceremony options. ​ YOUR WEDDING DAY - I will be there well in advance to make sure that everything is order and ready for you. I will also find you both to check that you are happy and also take care of your wedding party. ​ THE CEREMONY - the preparation and planning will now seamlessly evolve into a ceremony that you will be relaxed enough to enjoy. I promise to officiate a ceremony where you will shine and sparkle in front of all your family members and friends that love you both so much. ​ WRITING FOR YOU STARTING FROM £450 If you have a family member or bestie who you would like to host your wedding, but don't want to write the ceremony yourself, then my WRITING FOR YOU option is a winning combination. It will be pretty much the same process as above, but someone else will read the script and vows that I have written. I can also mentor your ceremony host so that they feel confident to deliver the bespoke ceremony, and even be there on the day to support you all if you so wish. REVIEWS "Not only did Kimberley write a perfect ceremony for our wedding, but she also sang for us during the certificate signing. It was amazing to have such a talented celebrant who knew exactly what we wanted from the very first meeting. Kimberley invested her heart and soul into a day full of memories we will cherish forever." Lucie Eaglesmith, "What truly sets Kimberley apart is her ability to make you feel secure and at ease throughout the entire process. She radiates professionalism and exudes a calming presence. From the moment I met her, I knew I was in safe hands. Renewing our vows was one of the best things we have done in our 36 years of marriage!" Gina Holmes, retired nurse I have known and worked closely with Kimberley for many years and I would highly recommend this service! After watching her exhume class, organisation and warmth while heading up the Entertainment Department on one of the highest class ships currently sailing. This is the perfect marriage of two worlds, and you can have complete trust that she will create your perfect marriage too. Zoe Tyler,

  • Confidence Coaching | Kim PartridgeKimberley Partridge celebrantKim Partridge kimberley partridge celebrant

    Confidence Coaching In a world where confidence is often seen as an innate trait, I firmly believe, through my own experiences, that CONFIDENCE CAN BE LEARNED. Through years of experience in performing on the west end stage, public speaking and communication, I have witnessed firsthand and mentored the transformative power of learning how to appear and then becoming a confident individual, at any age. Through my devised and bespoke programmes, I will empower you with the tools and knowledge to cultivate self-esteem no matter your starting point. With dedication and the right guidance confidence truly can be learned and I am here to show you how. ​ CONFIDENCE CLASSES PUBLIC SPEAKING GROUP WORKSHOPS WEDDING SPEECHES DISCOVERY CALL All services are completely bespoke to suite your individual needs and budget. Get in touch to arrange your first free 30 minute DISCOVERY CALL which will give us a chance to say "Hi" and an idea of what programme you will need. Let's do this! What do you need? Personalized coaching for each student's unique needs Flexible Schedule Professional instruction from a trained performing arts expert Proven Results Confidence-building and mindset techniques Future school preparation for auditions, scholarships, and interviews

  • Kimberley Partridge | Celebrant and Confidence Coachkimberley partridge celebrant

    KIMBERLEY ARNOLD CELEBRANT bringing your wedding wishes to life Lovely to meet you! ​ If you're visiting my landing page it's because you're searching for support or mentoring and I'm here to help. The experience and knowledge that I have collated in leading entertainment, education and hospitality industries has inspired me to develop confidence programmes, organise events and officiate weddings. ​ I have spent many years performing as a leading lady in London's West End Musicals, I have had my own photography bizz, I am a trained fitness instructor, I spent 12 years as head of drama & dance at a top prep school in glorious Somerset, I have sailed around the world with Seabourn & Ritz-Carlton on 6 star cruise ships as Cruise Director and Entertainment Ambassador and I am a Professional Independent Wedding Celebrant. Let me be your guide as you take the next step in your personal journey. Explore my website to learn more about my coaching services and bespoke ceremonies. I can't wait to work with you! CONFIDENCE COACHING Testimonials Kimberley has an incredible ability to see the very best in every child. Her positive attitude and energy raised my daughter's confidence and gave her a voice. Her manner is infectious! It has always felt that having Kimberley in our lives was heaven sent at a time when we felt very anxious about our daughters ability to perform and to feel calm enough to be heard. Kimberley transformed her. It was a long journey but gently and so generously Kimberley lovingly and patiently brought out what we always hoped was there. It just needed Kimberley's magic touch. Emma Bartlett, Head of Lower School

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