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Kimberley Partridge Celebrant Somerset

Funerals & Memorials


As your funeral celebrant l write and lead your service with compassion and expertise.  I will lias closely with your Funeral Director and provide them with information for the service sheet and bespoke ceremony that I will officiate on the day. I will take the time to understand and honour the life of the loved one you are celebrating and create a personalised service that tells their precious and unique story.

Kimberley Partridge Celebrant Somerset

What happens next?

Together we will arrange a convenient time and place to meet and talk about your ceremony wishes. Don't worry, I will support and guide you though the whole process from our initial phone call to the day of the funeral service. If requested, I can help suggest poems, readings and music. I will write or can assist with the eulogy.  You will also receive a beautifully presented commemorative copy of the entire service that I can either give to you on the day or send you through the post after the ceremony.

Kimberley Partridge Celebrant Somerset


Memorial Ceremonies are gatherings to honour and remember the life of someone who has passed away. Unlike funerals, there's no physical body present. The ceremony can be formal or informal, religious or secular, depending on the wishes of the family and the deceased.

Kimberley Partridge Celebrant Somerset


An interment of ashes service is a ceremony held after a cremation to lay a loved one's ashes to rest in a permanent location. This location can be a cemetery plot, a columbarium niche (a wall with compartments for urns), or even a designated scattering garden. The service itself is a chance for family and friends to gather, share memories of the deceased, and say their final goodbyes.

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